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Megän Fair - Roundabout (Extended Mix)

Written by: Megän Fair
Produced by: Megän Fair and Roddy Reynaert
Vocals by: Megän Fair
Megän Fair - Roundabout (Extended Mix) video
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37335 x50 Megän Fair - Roundabout 5 June 2017
Monday, I sleep next to this guy,
Who looks like a child.
'Can feel the truth through his eyes,
When he takes my hand.
These bonds are so strong,
Whatever happens tomorrow,
He is the one.

Thursday, I sleep next to this guy,
Who looks like the devil.
His fingers bend under the weight
Of words.
Please release, please do,
And watch me, hit the ground.
This heart in your hands was mine,
But it's all yours now.

It's like a roundabout,
And this one has no end.
Please stop this roundabout,
Please stop this roundabout !
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Megän Fair - Roundabout