In Search Of Sunrise 12: Dubai mixed by Richard Durand & Lange

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In Search Of Sunrise 12: Dubai mixed by Richard Durand & Lange

Having sought the sun-up in Sin City last year, 2014 sees Richard Durand take the ‘Search’ in the opposite direction, to a place ever increasingly tagged “the Vegas of the East”. The most gleaming emirate of them all, Dubai is as famous for its cloud-piercing skyscrapers as it is its wide expanse deserts.

It’s also supports an electronic music ecosystem that’s surpassed ‘flourishing’ and long since hit ‘overdrive’, boasting huge crowd-pull festivals, a thriving underground studio scene, dedicated EDM sites by the dozen and its own monthly dance mag.

Reflecting new clubbing principalities has been historically key to ‘Sunrise’s genetic. Richard’s fifth trip since taking the fiesta over from Tiësto, the excursion East sees the man from Amsterdam join forces with UK trance maestro Lange. The album follows in the fine traditions of the series by tapping the most creative, edge-cutting trance at its studio source. From there the pair have harmonically and seamlessly mixed ‘Sunrise’s Class of 2014 into three mixes that will again act as summer’s trance barometer. And this year, with ‘Dubai’, that reads hotter than ever.  

Of the latest in the mix-comp series, Richard says: “I think the only real surprise that comes with this year’s ‘In Search of Sunrise’ destination is that it hasn’t come Dubai’s way sooner. Dance music has broken out in so many areas since I took over mixing the album, that’s it’s been a mission in itself to keep up!

Dubai is a place I’ve played many times now and somewhere I know I’ll never get tired of coming back to. People go out of their way to find great music, great nights and great experiences here. It’s that passion, dedication and selectivity that I’m trying to reflect by shining the ‘Search’ light on the emirate”.   

Reflecting everything from its mirrored high-rise cosmopolita to its heat refracted sandy shimmer, I.S.O.S. 12’s audio skilfully captures both the essence and heartbeat of Dubai’s DNA. Richard & Lange’s shared mission to bring its tracklist one album-exclusive after another has resulted in 200+ mixed-minutes of incredible music. 

Richard’s first mix initially comes quartered in the provinces of trance-progressive. Azotti feat. Bagga Bownz’s ‘Day And Night’ and Talamanca’s ‘Ocean Drive’ soundscape its beatific intro, before Laura Aqua’s bowed-but-unbroken vocals on Jeremy Vancaulart & Assaf’s ‘The Space Between’ turn up the emotional wattage. From there ‘Dubai’s shades & patterns undulate from the trance-tropic (Sean Tyas’ ‘Take A Moment’, RAM’s ‘Epic’ and others) to hothousers like Somna & Yang’s ‘Chasing Stars’. Adding to his own lucent album overture ‘Dubai Desert Fish’, Richard adds the purpose-built Tech of ‘Shield Of Faith’ to the mix’s midsection and the spicy ‘Sambuca’ to its closeout.

Dawning every bit as bright, the second mix brings fresh-cut music like Ira’s ‘Don’t Tell Me’ (vocalled by the aptly christened Paulina Dubaj), ‘Forever In Our Hearts’ from Holland’s Ruben De Ronde and, adding deeper, more eclectic tones, Moonbeam’s ‘I Go On’. Alex O’Rion heats up on ‘Cocoa’, whilst High5 feat. Nanje Nowack ‘Ten Thousand Suns’ and ‘Karma’ from Hungary’s Sunny Lax keep things equally as thermal. Tying off his 2014 Sunrise quest, Richard works in ‘The Inquisitor’ from the on-fire Driftmoon (marking the pair’s second appearance after ‘Luminance’), the pure driven trance of Elfsong’s ‘Seldarine’ and Amir Hussian & Allen Watts equally flammable ‘Step Into My World’.

After recruiting Myon & Shane 54 to his Las Vegas ‘Search’ last year, for 2014 Richard has invited none other than Lange to guest mix the third and final ‘Dubai’ disc.

On joining mission: Dubai, Lange says: “I was very excited to receive the invite to be part of the legendary ISOS series! I've really enjoyed putting this mix together; it’s turned out pretty dark and moody, spanning Progressive Trance through to peak time club bangers.”  

Over 80 minutes he brings together both the best of the underground with music from some of its scene-wide legends. I.S.O.S. forefather Tiësto’s ‘Just Be’ (in its newly reworked Kris O'Neil form), Andy Moor’s ‘Fade To Light’, ‘Out Of Coverage’ by Bobina and his own remake of ‘A Different Shade Of Crazy’ are just some of the big-name highs. Newer production names shine just as bright, as music from Tangle, Johnny Yono, Danilo Ercole, Dimension and others define and refine Lange’s ‘Dubai’ vision.

‘In Search Of Sunrise 12: Dubai Mixed by Richard Durand & Lange’ brings what MIXMAG calls “the greatest trance series of them all” a new level high. It arrives in stores June 2nd.  

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Mix 1: Richard Durand
1 Richard Durand - Dubai Desert Fish (Intro Mix)
2 Azotti feat. Bagga Bownz - Day And Night
3 Jeremy Vancaulart & Assaf feat. Laura Aqui - The Space Between
4 Talamanca - Ocean Drive (Savid Remix)
5 Somna & Yang feat. Michele C. - Chasing Stars
6 Kam Delight - Whatever You Like
7 Richard Durand & Cynthia Hall - Shield Of Faith
8 NoMosk & Roman Messer feat. Christina Novelli - Lost Soul
9 Sean Tyas - Take A Moment
10 Rafaël Frost & Jennifer Rene - Higher (Hazem Beltagui Remix)
11 Driftmoon - Luminance
12 RAM - Epic
13 Ronny K vs. Ren - Come With Me
14 Richard Durand - Sambuca
15 Faruk Sabanci & James Dymond - Sphinx
Mix 2: Richard Durand
1 Richard Durand - Atlantis (Intro Mix)
2 Gai Barone - Eve
3 Ira & Paulina Dubaj - Better In Time
4 Ruben de Ronde - Forever In Our Hearts (David Broaders Remix)
5 Moonbeam feat. Polina Griffith - I Go On
6 Alex O'Rion - Cocoa (Trance Mix)
7 High 5 feat. Nanje Nowack - Ten Thousand Suns
8 Adam Kancerski feat. Aneym - Into The Light
9 Sunny Lax - Karma
10 Roman Messer feat. Ange - Imagination (Cold Rush Remix)
11 Driftmoon - The Inquisitor
12 ReOrder - Beyond Horizons
13 Elfsong - Seldarine
14 Amir Hussain & Allen Watts - Step Into My World
15 Dimension - On Her Behalf
16 Ferrin & Morris - Amatoria
Mix 3: Lange
1 Danilo Ercole - Contact
2 Max Freegrant & Matrey - Hussar
3 Tiësto feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Just Be (Kris O'Neil Remix)
4 Dimension - Verano
5 Johnny Yono - The Recluse
6 Andy Moor - Fade To Light
7 Bissen - Quantum (Future Disciple Remix I)
8 Michael Badal - Carnivale
9 Tangle - Firebird
10 LNG - Hey! While The Sun Shines
11 Andy Duguid feat. Jaren - History
12 Ari Kyle & Audioscape feat. Simon Latham - Never Far
13 Anske - Vilnius
14 Bobina - Out Of Coverage
15 Anske - Dreamcatcher
16 Lange - A Different Shade Of Crazy (Lange vs. Refracture Breaks Mashup)
17 Mateusz - Zeal (In Search Of Sunrise Mix)
18 David Gravell - Melbourne



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