A message to Airbase fans

A message to Airbase fans
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# 23 February 2019, at 23:50
Jezper...i'm only gonna write about your Airbase original tracks here and not taking into consideration all those awesome remixes you have made, because that list would be immense!
Still there are many more marvelous tracks under your various aliases that are worth to mention, like "Angel", for an example.

I understand that many artists are comparing their work to another and tend to think that their work is always a bit inferior to others, but this is definitely not the case when speaking about your music. You certainly are a perfectionist, and i see and listen to this in your music.

It is impossible to write down in words what i have feeled when i listened to your tracks. Let's speak about "One Tear Away", for an example...this is one of the most gorgeous tracks that i have ever heard, this is so emotional, sad, and it is just perfectly made! All the little details and sounds in it are just...well, simply put, perfect!
Another gem is "Escape". Damn, i have listened to trance for so many years, but there are so few consistent producers who can put their souls and talent to their music like you do! "Escape" just builds and builds, it is so rich in detail and emotion, it can take you to another world. "Tangerine" is like a spiritual successor to "Escape", it goes even deeper on a melodical side and it is made with heart, this is most certain.

There are so many tracks that are worth to mention, like "Back", "For The Fallen", "Genie", "Medusa", and the list just goes on...Remixes that i have heard of are also top notch, and when i see the name "Airbase" i always think of highest quality and originality in music, no matter the genre is!

Jezper is definitely one of the most important producers in the Trance scene for the last 15+ years...hardly i can remember any producers who had made such an impact for me...

I wish you all the best with your new sounds and i know that quality is the most important thing for you in music!
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# 24 February 2019, at 19:10
100% agreed with this. Well put mate!

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