Simon Patterson's New Music (Thoughts)

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Simon Patterson's New Music (Thoughts) -
17 March 2015, at 03:27
I haven't been up to date on trance music lately but I decided to finally listen to Simon Patterson's newest releases. In case you didn't know, I am a huge Patterson fan. However, he's been disappointing me lately. Simon has a signature sound in pretty much all of his tracks, but recently, his tracks are sounding all too similar - with the same structure, samples, build-up, etc. I'm curious what you think of these two new tracks. In my opinion, doesn't the beginning of Time Stood Still sound almost identical to Dissolve?! I think I can even hear Sarah Howell's background vocals! :O (Listen closely starting around the 50 second mark) Even the part around 2:30 sounds very similar.

& then there's this. Drop the Bass. Come on now, with a name like that I can't take the track seriously! Are you trying to be Skrillex? :p Anyway, I will say the melody is beautiful...classic uplifting stuff like Simon used to make. Then BAM it's ruined with that weird "drop" in the middle. I hate that! To me, it doesn't really flow well at all. The drop doesn't fit.

I'm not sure if my taste is changing or if Simon is becoming lazy instead of original. I don't mean to sound like a complainer, i'm just disappointed because I used to absolutely love everything he created and now not so much. I know he's capable of a lot more .
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# 17 March 2015, at 22:10
I still think they are nice, but I agree with you, both don't sound very creative, and not only similar to some of his other own tracks, but to tracks of others as well. The only thing that it contains that you can still hear it's Patterson are those samples. But I've said this several years ago already, that besides a few tracks (Us being one of them), he's always using the same samples and my comment from a few years back is still valid. The last time he has really distinguished himself from the rest is already 1.5 years ago, with Brush Strokes.

And I see your point with the title of Drop The Bass. I totally agree and I think the sample of 'Drop The Bass' sounds way too recent Ferry Corstenish.

I think as a DJ he is better than ever right now, absolutely love his live sets, but as a producer he has gone down a bit. But like I said, I still like his tracks, they just don't jump out as much anymore.

Soon his mix compilation of Trance Nation is coming out, hope he has some great new stuff for us on that one :)

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# 18 March 2015, at 13:24
Have to agree re his live sets. Seen him again the other week and he was spot on.
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