XBOX Live Gamertags?

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XBOX Live Gamertags? -
21 January 2010, at 00:44
So guys, I finally (well my brother bought one) have got access to an XBOX 360. Having been a PS man all my life so far, I must say i'm still adjusting to the change, but i've been very impressed with it so far.

I've already found Victor on there, but was wondering if anyone else is on there? My gamertag is Dr Music 91. :p (with spaces). I currently have Pure, Lego Batman and Forza 3, so maybe see some of you there! :)
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# Re: XBOX Live Gamertags? - 21 January 2010, at 02:06
I don't have Live yet but will soon.  My sn is DJRANZ lol

I was mostly a Nintendo man until recently and I have the honor of saying I own every Nintendo System ever made, even though during my childhood I had a Sega Genesis and Game Gear.  In 2000, I got the PS2 and in 2005 I got a PSP and an XBOX 360.

Now known as Randy Derricott. I may sometimes use the DJ Ranz alias for certain projects though.
# Re: XBOX Live Gamertags? - 21 January 2010, at 08:08
Planning on getting LIVE soon (well sometime in the future haha) :p
will let you guys know when i do
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# Re: XBOX Live Gamertags? - 21 January 2010, at 23:40
Fate vs Destiny

Yo DJRANZ got Virtual Boy?

GameGear was so epically awesome, too bad it needed a nuclear reactor to run for extended periods of time, but at least you could play in the dark and light the entire room, simply amazing with tv tuner add-on [and Master-System add-on for the super geeks]
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# Re: XBOX Live Gamertags? - 22 January 2010, at 22:43
I had a game gear as well! love that thing!
# Re: XBOX Live Gamertags? - 22 January 2010, at 23:13
Xbox Live is awesome, so many features. Netflix, Last.Fm, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I usually play Halo 3, Fifa 10, or Ncaa F-Ball 09

There is nothing better than playing xbox and listening to some Trance haha
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# Re: XBOX Live Gamertags? - 24 January 2010, at 15:04
My gamertag is Reality33 and as of right now I have been playing Forza 3 mostly.  :D
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# Re: XBOX Live Gamertags? - 25 January 2010, at 00:20
Hey guys, mine's MonkeymanZak. Thing is, I think my XBOX Live has run out so gonna renew it sometime soon. You guys add me and I'll be on there soon enough :D

You guys need to check out the arcade games that on Live too. Even if it is the demos. Definitely wna get 'Splosion Man, Battlefield1943, Geometry Wars, N+, Shadow Complex (Best one I think) and maybe, Portal: Still Alive just for those extra levels (and for the fact that my mate STILL has Orange Box! :( such an amazing boxset of games)

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# Re: XBOX Live Gamertags? - 2 February 2010, at 20:43
Mine is BrunoHF !  :D