RAMelia acoustic cover

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RAMelia acoustic cover -
24 February 2014, at 15:23
I know I said I wouldn't like anyone to do anything with 'RAMelia', but you should check this out:

In my opinion beautiful cover, the best "Remix" for RAMelia!
Show your opinion! :D
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# 24 February 2014, at 15:33
Sounds really good! Makes me feel too many things at the same time this song :<3:
TrancePodium Staff
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# 24 February 2014, at 21:54
I have to say, this is a beautiful version :<3:
Not sure if it's accoustic tho ;)

FKA Super AFC Ajax
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# 24 February 2014, at 23:10
beyond beautiful 0_0... Thus gives me so many feels. i still don't think its right to create a remix, even though i almost made one.