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Filip Fong
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Unwanted Posts/Spam -
5 April 2008, at 13:09
As we sometimes get unwanted posts/spam here at Trance Podium, we would ask everyone to help out. Most are stopped before they get posted, but sometimes they get past.

Please report the post asap by clicking on down right, or by mail to :

Hypnotic : http://www.trancepodium.com/forum/action,profile/u,1/

Filip Fong : http://www.trancepodium.com/forum/action,profile/u,453/

R33 : http://www.trancepodium.com/forum/action,profile/u,50/

Thanks! :)
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TrancePodium Staff
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# Re: Unwanted Posts/Spam - 6 April 2008, at 11:11
Oh boy, I forgot to turn off guest posting again :/

TrancePodium Staff
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# Re: Unwanted Posts/Spam - 23 April 2011, at 07:37
Getting more and more reports about spamming members from some of you. Thanks for you good work!

Keep them coming! :D

FKA Super AFC Ajax
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# Re: Unwanted Posts/Spam - 25 April 2011, at 16:58
Thanks for taking care of that. Nothing more annoying than see a thread up, expecting a reply, and seeing some garbage posted instead :/
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# Re: Unwanted Posts/Spam - 25 April 2011, at 18:54
Yeah, whenever you see evil spammers, just notify the TP Rangers!  They will take care of them for you!
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