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Regenerate Records

Formerly known as Degenerate Records from label owner Sean Tyas. In 2019 Sean teamed up with Activa and upgrated the label to Regenerate.

The pure adrenaline rush causing that second and even third burst of energy unlike anything you are able to experience out in that so-called “real world”… Seduced by melodic structures that cannot be limited by even the most vivid of imaginations. This is how we as a global community define the sound we call Trance Music, and what a sound it truly has become.

These are the words that ricochet about in the catacombs of our brains as Activa and Sean have been developing the next concept together as a team. Especially lately, Sean's own sound seems to have come full circle and right back into full on melodic territory, leading him through the last few months of serious contemplation about how to echo this into the label... Do they go and create a completely new one?

The answer is no… They upgrade.

Aerodynamic music characterized by precision & finesse… yet powered by aggression and passion.

Reconnect, Reimagine, REGENERATE.

On your marks, get ready to go…